Torbay dog walking, dog boarding and pet sitting.

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Torbay House Sitting

Torbay House Sitting - £35.00 per 24 hours

Torbay Day Sitting - £25.00 for 12 hours (does not include overnight stay)


At Torbay Pet Sitters we provide House Sitting (in the clients home - not boarding) ranging from one day or evening through to longer periods, predominantly to cover holidays or clients working away from home.  Demand for house sitting is high and thus to ensure availability please contact us well in advance.


These assignments include staying at your home during the day and/or overnight, and the care of any domestic pets (daily walking, feeding, cleaning etc). We do not charge individually per pet meaning that a prospective client can make a considerable saving compared to traditional boarding, as well as having first rate one-to-one care. Leaving your dog/s or cat/s in their familiar surroundings is far less stressful for them, and saves you the hassle of dropping them off and collecting them from kennels or the cattery. Some insurance companies can even lower your premiums based on the fact that a sitter is employed during the periods that you are away from your property.


The sitter takes on various responsibilities for the owner:

  • Keeping the house clean and tidy

  • Taking telephone messages

  • Dealing with mail, milk & newspapers

  • Dealing with callers

  • Watering houseplants etc.


Clients can expect complete honesty, reliability and that the sitter will take precautions to ensure that a client’s absence from home is not detected because of any careless actions or disclosures.  The sitter would attempt to replicate the routine of the client and wouldn't leave the pet/s for any period longer than 4 hours.  Unless absolutely necessary we wouldn't expect pets to be left alone after 8pm.


It would be the clients’ responsibility to provide pet food, however, the sitter would bring their own food.  There are no extra charges for seasonality, petrol or a food allowance.